Working With Advertising Agencies

The Talent Pool in The North West

As we’ve spoken about before with regards to the fantastic pool of creatives that can be found in Manchester, this fantastic city also houses houses a lot of the biggest advertising agencies in the world that are bring remarkable results to their clients. 

As a commercial video production company, having agencies that have developed some of the most iconic advertising campaigns in recent years on your doorstep here in Manchester is a huge bonus. 

Working hand in hand with advertising agencies means from one week to the next we could produce anything from a series of TV commercials for a household brand all the way to an abstract music video for a well known artist. Having such a choice selection of advertising agencies in Manchester makes this a very exciting and rewarding time to be a part of commercial video production in the North West.

Full-Scale Video Production Agency

As a full-scale video production company, when we work directly with our end clients, we create commercials from inception to delivery. First, creating and pitching the initial concept of the commercial, we then produce the ad from the earliest pre-production meeting all the way through to a catch-up meeting after the final sign-off. That’s where we get to see how well the ad has performed and celebrate over a cup/pint of tea/beer. 

What’s It Like Working With Advertising Agencies?

When we work with advertising agencies, we get to immerse ourselves in creative ideas developed by the agency and focus on drawing up a production plan that will best bring the concept into reality. When working with an advertising agency we love to get the know the team at the agency and learn about their style and brand just as we would when working directly with a client. This allows us to operate more as a production wing of the advertising agency rather than an external provider. It’s important to us that our agency clients feel that there is a seamlessness to our relationship, meaning that working with us is as simple as working with the person on the desk next to you.

With this in mind, we consciously look to understand each agency’s specific creative approach, workflow and, perhaps most importantly, culture. We also take particular care to understand the wider campaign beyond the TV commercial that we are producing just as we would with any other client. With an advertising agency client this is especially interesting. We are often working directly with the creative team who have devised the entire wider campaign across all media and oftentimes having developed the entire brand, too. Such a depth of knowledge of the overarching strategy means we are able to tailor specific aspects of the production to ensure that the commercials compliment and even strengthen all of the marketing content far beyond the TV commercial itself.

Signature Styles

One thing that has always been a personal and professional joy of mine in working with advertising agencies has been reaching a stage with an agency whereby you’ve produced such a number of TV commercials with them that you start to see their signature style in each. Being able to hear the voice of the agency in the work of its clients is not ideal if it reaches the audience but it is impressive for those who have some insight in to the agency to see the craft of a particular creative making its mark in influencing a campaign of a big name client.

It also makes the job of the production company much easier knowing what the advertising agency likes. Each commercial is unique, as it should be, but it is good to have the inside scoop if you know that an agency has a penchant for VFX or if a particular Creative Director is a sucker for an urban landscape, or a period costume, or big fluorescent lasers (all real-world examples). While the similarities or consistencies can make each new commercial production for an advertising agency a little easier, it is the constant new brands and new perspectives that make it fun. We are lucky enough to genuinely love all of the clients that we work directly with regularly.

No Need to Apologise

Some of our direct end clients are almost apologetic that their brand isn’t more exciting. Perhaps because they have lived and breathed their own marketing content for so long that they have become immune to it. Much in the same way that if you spend hours in the kitchen preparing a curry it can taste bland to you while tasting rich and fragrant to those diners who haven’t had half a day engulfed in its steam unwittingly acclimatising to its flavours. So, while some of our longest standing clients might feel that we work with other, spicier brands so often that we don’t appreciate theirs they couldn’t be more wrong. We see their brand with renewed enthusiasm on each project and endeavour to glaze the eyes of our clients with that fresh perspective each time we work together.

Familiarity Gets Results

One of the true joys in being a production company working with agencies is having the opportunity to work with the same client team regularly on wave after wave of brand-new ideas. As a team ourselves at Groundbreak we bond through devising new concepts for commercials and figuring out exactly how we produce them to an outstanding level of execution. Along the way we navigate changing landscapes together, clear hurdles together, weather barrages together and arrive at the finish line together. Here we pause briefly to enjoy the moment before it’s on to the next finish line, or three, together.

It’s this ongoing relay journey along innumerable avenues undertaken in the ever-changing vehicles that are each new production that binds us as a team. With each hurdle cleared, the faith in your team to clear the next one grows, and so the hurdles can grow, progression and trust binds us and drives us.

Having a long-standing client that we get to work with on a myriad of wildly varying productions and equally varied challenges that we surmount together is absolutely what makes our relationships with the advertising agencies so strong. It is also what makes those relationships one of the most fulfilling facets of life at one of the best video production companies in Manchester.

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Author: Sean Creative Producer
After graduating with a first class honours degree in Comedy (true story) and Media Production Sean travelled the world quickly learning how to say that he only speaks

English in over ten languages. Upon returning, Sean worked for creative agencies and production companies across the country before joining Groundbreak. He spends his days developing concepts, producing shoots and drinking green tea. Known to family and friends as ‘The White Pharrell’ Sean insists that his spirit animal is Michelle Obama. A music-lover, Sean is known as one of Europe’s foremost sit-down dancers. He’s a hip-hop aficionado with a rap lyric quote suitable for any occasion, come and meet us and put it to the test.