Why Choose A Video Production Company?

Why would an international client needing a high-end TV commercial or animation choose to collaborate with a video production company in the UK? Be that Manchester, London or any one of the other major cities here in the UK. 

Well one thing is for sure, the UK  is certainly not chosen as a location of choice due to it’s lovely weather (unless of course a cold and gloomy feel is the one that they’re going for!) It’s not the sort of destination for the guaranteed sun on the beach kind of commercial shoot. (Although you’d be surprised what can be achieved with an incredible lighting set up and an awesome director of Photography!) Miracles can indeed happen.

Technical Video Production Skills in the UK

One of the reasons international clients choose to unleash the video production skills of the UK’s finest is because of the high level of training our teams and crews have gone through. 

There is an abundance of top video production houses North and South of the UK. And at Groundbreak, we like to think we sit amongst the best video production companies around with our award-winning reputation in video advertising, and our ever expanding portfolio of client work from across the UK and worldwide. 

Freelance Video Production

It’s not just full-service video production companies in the UK that stand out. We have a ridiculously talented pool of freelancers in this country. Name the role and we have thousands of gifted individuals who are world-class; Set designers and script writers to producers, directors, gaffers and every role in-between. 

This is great for a video production company owner in the UK. It’s a real challenge recruiting the best in-house team but it’s crucial to get the correct blend of skills to ensure every brief and video production is executed to perfection. 

What makes this smoother and easier is being able to call on so many highly skilled freelancers to plug any gaps and boost production values on our corporate and commercial video productions and animations. It takes many years to build up the best list of go to operators, but once you get there things really come together.

This ensures that no matter the size of project that is being faced, the right people can be put in the correct position to ensure that the final outcome of the project is world-class. 

A Can-Do Attitude

I can obviously only speak for the Groundbreak team along with the hundreds of Freelancers that we collaborate with year on year. And my conclusion is that a can-do attitude is the overriding trend. Always making sure a shoot goes to plan. Even when it doesn’t, you can ensure that a project is completed to a good standard,  but sometimes making something even better than originally planned with a positive perspective, hard graft and an exemplary attitude. This is both true in live-action and animation gigs.

Groundbreak Team

I have to specifically mention the Groundbreak team who take this positivity to a whole new level. Hours in the day and days in the week become irrelevant. They just want to create outstanding commercial and corporate videos, animations and visual effects. 

They are simply oozing with passion as you will see in this detailed guide about our world of video production. Not only that but to ensure that our clients are over the moon with the final production, we employ only the best in class in all the areas that go into our projects, which is why our clients continue to come back to us for more and more videos. 

International Commercial Video Production

An example of this dedication would be the commercial video production work we do with some major firms over the other side of the Atlantic. Due to the time zone differences we often have conference calls with our US clients late into the night UK time. Nobody ever grumbles or complains when we’re working on these commercials. They appreciate the importance of communication to ensure the best possible video production process, and end product. One of our Midwest clients once quipped,

“Video production in the UK never sleeps”

And that is true. We’re always planning the next shoot.

Commercial Video Locations in The UK

Another significant draw to create a video production in the UK is the endless picturesque filming locations. We are blessed with a glorious landscape for the perfect shot. We have breath-taking countryside across the land. There’s also the advantage of being an island, so we are surrounded by a calming and beautiful coastline. Simply put, the UK is a stunning location and this shows in our video productions.

Ease of Access

The UK is only a small island. This makes it very easy to travel around. This is ideal when shooting at multiple locations. We have great infrastructure and roads too, so getting around is straight forward and relatively quick. The UK is very easy to get to from most places in the world due to the many airports and daily flights so once we have all gotten past these dark times then hopefully things will get back to being relatively normal later in the year. We look forward to welcoming our international clients once again.

UK Film Tax Relief

Video Production in the UK has a tax relief which is a great incentive for co-production partners oversees. This tax relief helps in a monetary sense in the collaboration with a UK video production company. This certainly helps video production UK to thrive in a financial sense.

Video Production Restrictions

In many countries around the world there are filming restrictions. We do have red tape here in the UK, but it’s only a small amount, and the team at Groundbreak have never had many problems. However, in some countries getting permission to shoot a corporate video can be highly problematic, unlike here in the UK. In fact, in certain countries it can be dangerous to turn up at a location with a video production crew. Whether or not the location has been agreed in advance. I truly believe we are fortunate in the world of video production in the UK because of this. You only notice how good we have it when shooting overseas in certain countries.

At Groundbreak we’re at the heart of the video production UK industry. We love collaborating with our clients and peers overseas when they decide they want to come and shoot on our glorious island. Long may it continue.

If you are outside of the UK and looking for a video production company to collaborate with in the UK, then we’d be happy to help. If you’re a UK-based business or co-production partner, please do get in touch if you’re looking to create something special on your next video production project.

Author: Mike Finance Director
Mike has owned and run several successful businesses and ensures that everything runs smoothly behind the scenes.

He moves through every day at a billion miles an hour and enters every room exactly like Kramer.