VFX Studio in Manchester

Visual Effects (VFX)

Think of something impossible. Our VFX team can make that.

Enhance your video content with visual effects; Have a steam train run right through your office. Rip the sky to pieces and use it as confetti. We can even have a unicorn mow your lawn. Our visual effects (VFX) portfolio showcases a diverse range of video styles and concepts all using VFX. Some of the videos are entirely created in visual effects and others have small VFX elements to bring them to life and lift the production values to the next level.

Visual effects include a little VFX wizardry to take all video’s to the next level.

We also provide scripting and conceptual development services to plug you into our creative minds and help bring your production to life. This is part of our offering as a full service video production and creative agency. We don’t just execute briefs. Often we develop them too in order to maximise the overall reach of your advertisment campaign.

Get in touch with our Visual Effects team to see how we can add some mind-warping magic to your film.

Anything is possible

One of our favourite things about visual effects is that you can literally do whatever you want. Anything can be created or fixed. Sometimes visual effects are created to add that level of wow in order to stop the viewer in their tracks and hold their attention. Something otherwise impossible can be composited into the shot. Other times it’s simply because it is impossible to film a certain scene in pure live action and the only way to achieve the storyboard is by VFX during the post production process.

Visual Effects, Hidden Magic

In fact, sometimes visual effects are used in commercial advertising and film without the audience realising. It’s that hidden layer of magic to ensure a shot looks exactly as intended by the director in order to tell the story in the best way possible and keep the production values at the highest possible level.

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