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Video Animation Manchester

Our video animation team in Manchester is normally busy creating every type of animation you could imagine. However, with the world currently flipped upside down we thought we’d take the time to discuss the different types of animation and how they could be beneficial for your business once everything goes back to relative normality. After all, video animation be it in Manchester, London, New York or anywhere in the world isn’t affected by the strictest of lockdowns because it can be done remotely. The concept for an animated promo video can be part of a video-conference brainstorm session. A script can be written remotely anywhere in the world. The storyboard and assets can be illustrated and created in the far corners of the globe, and the actual video animation can be created in our Manchester studio or frankly anywhere with a highly powerful computer and a talented animator.

Video Animation in Manchester

We create our video animations in Manchester because that is where our Groundbreak HQ is located. However, we often bring specialists into our Manchester studio for certain aspects of a video animation or visual effects project. An animation or VFX gig can be highly complex and time consuming, so bringing the best people together to collaborate always results in the best possible video animation. Whether this means bringing people together via video conferencing or in person the end result is always one of excellence.

What Video Animation Works For You?

If you can’t shoot a video production at the moment (and might not be able to for a while) maybe animation is something you should consider. It’s important to continue marketing your business or product and video animations can certainly help with that. In fact, one of the huge advantages with animations is that literally anything can be created. There are no limits. Well, apart from budget. And this is something our producers can help you with. We’re well versed in getting the absolute maximum from any budget. There are always many ways to achieve the same animation. It is all about what is right for you as a business. To ensure you get the most out of the project.

Different Animation Styles

Things to consider: What type of animation is most likely going to engage with your target audience? Maybe the charm of a 2d hand-drawn traditional type of animation will interest your customers? This type of animation is best suited for a gentle flow and story arc with an emotive subliminal message. Maybe an all action 3D CGI animation will do the job. Literally grabbing the viewer and refusing to let them look away. Or maybe a beautifully crafted stop-motion animation will garner the best results with its incredible production values? Even the simplest of motion graphics in an explainer video is sometimes the best way to display your company information.

We’re Here to Help

Whichever route you prefer for your animated corporate video, the options are endless. There’s a myriad of styles and options, all with the potential to powerfully promote your business and put you on the map. Showcasing your product and its many uses and benefits is often easiest and most effective with video advertising. With so many options available in the world of video animations, this can seem daunting. Don’t worry though because the team at Groundbreak will happily advise and help guide you through the process. Our team of producers, animators and directors have been creating absorbing and engaging video animations in Manchester for many years and we absolutely love what we do.

If you’d simply like a bit of advice about your next (or first) video animation then please don’t pop into our Manchester studio because it will unfortunately be empty. Drop us a line instead and we’ll be happy to help.

If you’re looking for a more detailed look into the world of animation then please check out this blog.

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