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Visual Effects Specialists

A visual effects portfolio should showcase different styles of visual effects (VFX). It can never show everything achievable of course as the possibilities are endless. A visual effects portfolio is a bit like a video production or animation showreel, I suppose. It gives glimpses into the different visual effects achievable. A visual effects portfolio is like a window into the world of creativity. Its aim is to attract attention and inspire. Sometimes subtly and other times to stop the viewer in their tracks. There is always a new way of creating visual effects and for a multitude of applications. That is the exciting thing about VFX in the world of video production and animation. You are only limited by your imagination when it comes to visual effects.

Our Visual Effects Portfolio

If you’re new to VFX then have a look at our visual effects portfolio here to give you a sneaky peek at what visual effects are all about and how they can help enhance a video production. This in turn will show your brand in a great light and increase revenue in the big picture. It certainly adds a layer of magic to a video. And it’s not just about increasing production values. It’s more than that. It opens up possibilities and means you can go further with ideas. More creativity is achievable. You aren’t restricted by what you can film on a live action set. It gives you freedom in a similar way to animated videos.

Why Use Visual Effects?

There are many reasons you might feel visual effects are suitable for a particular video production or commercial. There might be an impossible live action shot that isn’t achievable without VFX. Maybe your brand mascot is a flying pig (stay with me please). As part of the commercial script, said pig needs to soar high up in the sky and land on a roof after doing a loop the loop. The same pig then delivers a clever line of dialogue to close the commercial. Now obviously the best video production company in the world wouldn’t be able to shoot that in reality. As far as I’m aware flying pigs are only real in fairy tales and the only pigs I know that can speak live in George Orwell’s Animal Farm. Therefore, in order to achieve the impossible, you would need to use visual effects.

Subtle Visual Effects

The example above using VFX would be a considerable video production gig. With a significant budget and team. However, not all visual effects involve flying pigs. Often visual effects are used in a much more subtle way. Maybe you need to shoot a scene and heavy rain is fundamental to the story arc (like most days here in Manchester). Without a significant downpour the story just wouldn’t make sense. Your video production agency has sourced a rain machine which is doing a great job. However, due to the location the rain machine is not able to cover the entire shot due to health and safety reasons. What do you do because you need the entire shot to be drenched with pouring rain?

The Visual Effects Solution

This is an instance that VFX would be a great solution. The visual effects team would create CGI rain which would match the real rain and blend seamlessly into the shot. So now you have the full shot of rain as desired. This makes the overall commercial work, and nobody would have ever known that some of the rain wasn’t in fact real. So that is an example of how visual effects can be used in a subtle manner to enhance a shot without it being the star of the show. You could of course have a flying pig soaring through the rain too if you think it necessary.

Considering VFX For a Business Video

It’s always worth considering visual effects in your next video production project. You may only need an explainer video or an interview with the boss, but at the same time VFX might greatly increase your projects production values and possibilities. Which in turn could give your video much more traction, reach, and long-term success.

If you’re interested in finding out more about visual effects and the possibility of using them on your next video production, then please get in touch and we’d be happy to help.


Our VFX Portfolio

Our Visual Effects (VFX) portfolio is diverse and ever expanding. At Groundbreak our VFX portfolio is a place where we can create the impossible and have fun along the way. Visual effects and CGI are a powerful tool in the world of video production. We’re especially proud of our VFX portfolio because it’s an aspect of Groundbreak that has evolved significantly over the years. We have gone from only occasionally using VFX to regularly lifting the production values of a video production by adding a touch of VFX magic. Our VFX portfolio showcases some of the many creative directions you can take a production. It’s also a tool that highlights how visual effects can help tell a story in what would be impossible during a live action shoot.

VFX Portfolio Magic

Our team loves nothing more than shooting a high-end commercial and then adding some beautiful, seamless VFX to take it up a notch. This could be to simply wow the viewer or maybe it is actually the best way to guide the story arc. Creating the impossible in order to tell a story or enhance a message. There is something truly stunning about the combination of high-end cinematography and perfectly executed visual effects. Making the unreal appear real, and at the same time appear natural and comfortable within a shot is a true skill. Our VFX portfolio has numerous different examples of how VFX can be used to enhance a video or add a touch of magic.

Delays On Set

All producers, directors and crew will have been on set and been up against it time wise at some point. This could be for a myriad of reasons. Maybe the script changed last minute on set. It could be that one of the talents is running late because their taxi has broken down. Maybe a technical issue regarding the lights, grip or camera. Whatever the reason, it isn’t uncommon. Sometimes when this happens there is a temptation to move on to the next shot and add in the details with VFX later. In fact, many of the commercials in our VFX portfolio will have had delays on the shoot for one reason or another. It’s part of the job. It doesn’t affect the final video if you have skilled VFX operators involved. Delays and things that make you think on your feet on set actually adds a bit of spice to the day, in my opinion.

VFX Fixes

The knock-on effect of relying on VFX to “fix it in post production” however, is that you are adding labour to the post production. Sometimes this doesn’t matter because it is a simple fix and won’t take long. So could well be a shrewd move. However, the old cliché “you can fix it in post’ sometimes causes a nightmare for the post production VFX team. I have been on set when I was a trainee when the term ‘fix it in post’ was thrown about instead of getting additional takes. I’ll never forget the look on the VFX supervisors face. I could see his face drop because he knew he was going to be doing the fixing and in for the long haul. Something I didn’t appreciate at the time.

Different Reasons To Use VFX

There are different reasons to use VFX. Sometimes it is simply a way in which to fix a live action shot in order to make the shot seamless and flow exactly how the director envisaged it. Other times it is used to enhance and lift a video production by creating something impossible to shoot like a tornado in an office or a high-speed train whizzing through somebody’s kitchen, for instance. Visual effects have many uses and numerous video applications. One thing is for sure, I am a big fan. Not only because VFX can make the impossible a reality but because it gives incredible flexibility when creating a video.

If you are looking to use some VFX wizardry in your next video production, then Groundbreak is perfect for you. Whether that might be implementing an idea you already have or if you’d like us to get involved right from the beginning and help conceptualise your video and advise what is achievable then please do get in touch and we’d be happy to help.