What Makes a Good Employer Brand Video?

Making the Best Recruitment Videos

There are a number of reasons to have a recruitment video. Perhaps you’re sick of your team. The unexplained absences, surly attitudes and outbreaks of dissidence. You’d better get some new blood in before they unionise and you have a mutiny on your hands. Alternatively, your team are so delightful and performing so well that they’re creating growth for your business and you need to expand your team of gold-bearing geese. Either way you need to start recruiting. What better way than with a recruitment video? Recruitment marketing is a chance to showcase your employer brand. Who you are and what are your values. What are the great things about working at your company? What goes in to making the best possible employer brand video production?

The Video Starts Before the Production

We’re lucky enough to work with some of the best employer brand and recruitment marketing agencies in Manchester and beyond. And despite being dogged by persistent and slanderous rumours/reports of me being a “disruptive” student during my formative years, I have learned a few things from collaborating with teams so talented in the art of recruitment marketing. What strikes me with every video production is the depth of research that has been done before we receive a brief and get pre-production started. This is the real key to getting the best possible value from your production. Employer Branding can sometimes sit in a space between Marketing and Internal Communications but is not actually quite either. It is about researching, designing and implementing a strategy that defines who your company is as an employer. And the research is the most important phase. This allows you to discover first-hand from your team and colleagues exactly how you’re perceived as an employer as of right now. What do people love about working at your company? What are the things your current team think new recruits should hear about? How do your team perceive the company’s character and personality? In briefing meetings I’ve been presented with, and impressed by, research that is incredibly detailed and can pinpoint exactly how the team perceives the company as an employer. This research allows you, and us, to start thinking about the best creative direction to take your production and start to think about what messages you need to convey in your employer branding that we need to convey in your recruitment video. This research is also absolutely imperative to implementing the next lesson I have learned about recruitment marketing.

Be Honest

More and more of our clients are starting to invest similar time and resources into their employer branding videos as they would for a general commercial for their product or service. Working with bespoke employer brand agencies has certainly taught me the value of investing time, money and creativity into your recruitment video. Your recruitment video is selling a product just as much as your general marketing material is. You are advertising the opportunity to join your company and everything that comes along with that. With most people spending half of their waking hours at work you are quite literally selling a life changing opportunity.  You are selling this opportunity in a crowded market of job ads. You must cut through that noisy crowd and win the attention of the right candidates for you. A great start to reaching those ideal candidates is to be honest. Recruitment takes time and resources. To optimise the efficacy of this investment the ideal outcome would be to process the fewest number of applications but with the highest quality of relevant attributes and retention potential. Being honest about what it’s like to work at your company in your video means that you communicate a clear message to the candidates that you want to apply for your roles and who would be a perfect match for you. Not only that, but you also communicate to those who would not be a great match for you and therefore you increase the likelihood of receiving applications that are absolutely worth your time and resources to take further. After all, a happy and motivated team is a successful and fruitful team.

Does a typical workday in your company start with a cuddle from a chimpanzee and a somersault on a trampoline landing in a giant hot tub filled with champagne and Andrex puppies? Does the work mainly consist of kayaking along flowing rivers of liquid chocolate and hourly 45-minute massages? Is each week rounded off with every employee being handed a small velvet sack of glowing moondust and a private concert from the holographic 2pac (B-sides only) as a pat on the back before a hard earned 5-day weekend? No? Me neither. And I love my job. Be honest and tell potential candidates about the real benefits of working at your company and those benefits will resonate with the right candidates who will be attracted to your business and prove to be a wise long-term investment for you.

Show, Don’t Tell

Have you ever met someone who tells you how great of a sense of humour they have but without ever actually demonstrating it? Or been to a bakery that keeps its cakes in the back? Did NASA just tell us that they landed on the moon? When you’re making an employer brand video consider how you can show the audience the messages rather than simply telling them. Talking head interview videos definitely do have a place in recruitment marketing (you can read how to make your interview videos better here) but I’ve yet to see an advert where an engineer from Jaguar calmly tells me about the fantastic innovative features in their new car. They show us. If your company is funny show us that you’re funny and make a funny video. If your company is innovative don’t just tell us, make an innovative video.

To make the best possible employer brand recruitment video, find out the great things about who you are as an employer then be exactly that, starting with your video. For help with your Employer Brand video or to hear more about my fantasy workplace contact me or Groundbreak HQ.

You can see examples of our employer brand recruitment videos in our portfolio.