Video Production in the UK

UK Video production is synonymous with high quality output. As a brand the UK is a highly desirable place to shoot video content. Video production companies in the UK have the reputation and capabilities to deliver the highest standards in commercial video production. Workflows and working practices are revered the world over when it comes to video production, animation and VFX. Our Manchester and London offices are often approached by international clients looking to utilise some of the UK’s finest video production capabilities.

Why Choose a UK Video Production Company?

Why would an international client needing a high-end TV commercial or animation choose to collaborate with a video production company in the UK? Be that Manchester, London or anywhere else in the UK. They certainly don’t choose to shoot a video production in the UK because of the weather. It’s not the sort of destination for the guaranteed sun on the beach kind of commercial shoot. (Although you’d be surprised what can be achieved with an incredible lighting set up and an awesome director of Photography!) Miracles can indeed happen.

Technical Video Production Skills in the UK

One of the reasons international clients choose to unleash the video production skills of the UK’s finest is because of the high level of training our teams and crews have gone through. There is an abundance of top video production houses North and South of the UK. And we like to think we sit amongst the best video production companies around with our award-winning reputation in video advertising.

Freelance Video Production

It’s not just full-service video production companies in the UK that stand out. We have a ridiculously talented pool of freelancers in this country. Name the role and we have thousands of gifted individuals who are world-class; Set designers and script writers to producers, directors, gaffers and every role in-between. This is great for a video production company owner in the UK. It’s a real challenge recruiting the best in-house team but it’s crucial to get the correct blend of skills to ensure every brief and video production is executed to perfection. What makes this smoother and easier is being able to call on so many highly skilled freelancers to plug any gaps and boost production values on our corporate and commercial video productions and animations. It takes many years to build up the best list of go to operators, but once you get there things really come together.

A Can-Do Attitude

I can obviously only speak for the Groundbreak team along with the hundreds of Freelancers that we collaborate with year on year. And my conclusion is that a can-do attitude is the overriding trend. Always making sure a shoot goes to plan. Even when it doesn’t, you can ensure that a project is completed to a good standard,  but sometimes making something even better than originally planned with a positive perspective, hard graft and an exemplary attitude. This is both true in live-action and animation gigs.

Groundbreak Team

I have to specifically mention the Groundbreak team who take this positivity to a whole new level. Hours in the day and days in the week become irrelevant. They just want to create outstanding commercial and corporate videos, animations and visual effects. They are simply oozing with passion.

International Commercial Video Production

An example of this dedication would be the commercial video production work we do with some major firms over the other side of the Atlantic. Due to the time zone differences we often have conference calls with our US clients late into the night UK time. Nobody ever grumbles or complains when we’re working on these commercials. They appreciate the importance of communication to ensure the best possible video production process, and end product. One of our Midwest clients once quipped,

“Video production in the UK never sleeps”

And that is true. We’re always planning the next shoot.

Commercial Video Locations in The UK

Another significant draw to create a video production in the UK is the endless picturesque filming locations. We are blessed with a glorious landscape for the perfect shot. We have breath-taking countryside across the land. There’s also the advantage of being an island, so we are surrounded by a calming and beautiful coastline. Simply put, the UK is a stunning location and this shows in our video productions.

Ease of Access

The UK is only a small island. This makes it very easy to travel around. This is ideal when shooting at multiple locations. We have great infrastructure and roads too, so getting around is straight forward and relatively quick. The UK is very easy to get to from most places in the world due to the many airports and daily flights so once we have all gotten past these dark times then hopefully things will get back to being relatively normal later in the year. We look forward to welcoming our international clients once again.

UK Film Tax Relief

Video Production in the UK has a tax relief which is a great incentive for co-production partners oversees. This tax relief helps in a monetary sense in the collaboration with a UK video production company. This certainly helps video production UK to thrive in a financial sense.

Video Production Restrictions

In many countries around the world there are filming restrictions. We do have red tape here in the UK, but it’s only a small amount, and the team at Groundbreak have never had many problems. However, in some countries getting permission to shoot a corporate video can be highly problematic, unlike here in the UK. In fact, in certain countries it can be dangerous to turn up at a location with a video production crew. Whether or not the location has been agreed in advance. I truly believe we are fortunate in the world of video production in the UK because of this. You only notice how good we have it when shooting overseas in certain countries.

At Groundbreak we’re at the heart of the video production UK industry. We love collaborating with our clients and peers overseas when they decide they want to come and shoot on our glorious island. Long may it continue.

If you are outside of the UK and looking for a video production company to collaborate with in the UK, then we’d be happy to help. If you’re a UK-based business or co-production partner, please do get in touch if you’re looking to create something special on your next video production project.


Choosing a Video Agency in Manchester For Best ROI

Our Manchester video agency clients often ask, “What type of commercial or corporate video content do we need to deliver the best return on investment?” This is a common discussion in our video agency’s brainstorm room in Manchester. It is one thing to devise and create the perfect commercial or animation video. However, it’s a totally different thing to launch a video on the correct platform, at the perfect time to ensure the targeted end user watches and engages with it. At Groundbreak we are a video agency that always considers the bigger picture. It’s not only about creating outstanding and engaging corporate videos and animations. It is also about affecting the correct audience at the right time. This could be live action, visual effects or animation. It doesn’t matter what type of video as long as the results are what you hoped for.

What Are The Benefits of Corporate Video?

There are many benefits to having a corporate or commercial video. Be it live action or animation. Our long-term repeat clients can testify this. Year on year we create video content for our clients to reap the rewards of a well thought out video marketing strategy. They also get an awesome video to be proud of! You might want to create a video for the products that you sell. Maybe a video to show who you are as a brand and what your story is. It could be an explainer animation to showcase how a process or product works. Maybe it is simply a high-end commercial that literally wows the viewer, holds their attention and is ingrained in their mind forever.

Manchester Video Agency

Whatever type of video, you’ll need a quality video agency like ours in Manchester. We can help you conceptualise your video content and advise and action a strategy with you.

Use Video To Evoke An Emotional Response

Whatever corporate or commercial video production you are thinking about for your business, it is important to consider how you want the audience to feel.  This applies both when they are watching the video and the feeling they get long after they’ve finished. Is an emotive theme important to emotionally impact the end user or is it all about facts and information? It could be something that is visually stunning which connects with the viewer by saying ‘everything we do is high quality with great attention to detail’. Maybe a combination of all of the above?

Whatever you decide it is always best to try and tell a story if possible. This isn’t always viable, but it is more often than not even in a subtle way. This is a great technique to engage and relate with the viewer in a powerful way. Moreover, it makes the video content more interesting and engaging.

Corporate Video Strategy

Your corporate video strategy is something you should consider before you commission a video. Our video agency in Manchester can help you with this. We understand the importance of how and when you show your video to the world. Often numerous versions are created for slightly different audiences and different online and broadcast channels.

An example of this would be a thirty second TV commercial that is broadcast on a particular channel at a specific time because that is the most likely way of making the right impression on the right person. There may then be cut down versions for social media and different versions in different languages across the world. Maybe an amended version for your website or a more bespoke ad created for Sky adsmart (or similar) to really home in on your preferred audience. There are many routes to your desired target audience, and these are just some examples.

Full Service Video Agency

At Groundbreak we see ourselves as a full-service video agency with roots in Manchester and London. We offer our creative services for development and idea shaping along with strategising the way in which the video will be used and viewed. Once everyone is happy with the concept and overall plan of attack, we then organise logistics and produce the commercial or corporate video. If it is an animation or VFX gig we handle the entire project until delivery. If it’s a live action video, we script, storyboard and shoot the commercial and handle all postproduction. We do the lot.

It is worth mentioning that if you already have a script/storyboard or strategy then we are a video agency that’s more than happy to execute the storyboard and deliver the content in whatever format you require.

Client Collaboration

Another important factor with our video agency in Manchester is the collaboration with our clients. It is crucial to us that anyone we work with on a video production is part of a collaborative process. Essentially our clients can be as involved as they want to be. Whatever best suits you along the video production journey. If you want to simply leave us to it then that’s fine. We are definitely well versed in the video production process. However, if you’d like to be involved at every stage that is great too. After all it is your video and its absolutely fundamental that you are not only happy with the final video but also the whole process along the way.

If you have a brief and want to collaborate with one of the best and fun loving video agencies around then please give us a call or drop us an email and we’d be happy to help.

corporate video company

Running a Corporate Video Production Company

As a corporate video production company director, I feel fortunate that I ended up in the creative industry here in Manchester. In particular the video production and animation work here at Groundbreak. Being surrounded by the creative minds in our Manchester studio truly inspires me. Obviously currently I’m home alone which isn’t particularly inspiring. However, as I look through all of our video projects over the last year it brings a sense of pride and nostalgia. With a quick flick through our video portfolio I can easily relive our exhilarating video production shoots in Manchester and around the world that we’ve been fortunate to be a part of. I also remember some fantastic idea-shaping sessions for large animation and VFX gigs that had the entire team desperate to have their input in the storyboard. Being part of a corporate video production company guarantees unique days, experiences, and in our case, lots of laughs too.

Corporate Video Production

The Corporate side of video production was always something I was interested in. I love a challenge and I believe that corporate video production is exactly that. Trying to bring a business, product or culture to life through a video and ensuring the brief is nailed often has its restrictions and complications. It’s our job is to create original and engaging video content no matter what obstacles are in the way. Ensuring key messaging is subtle yet on brand is an art form. The aim is for for the end user/customer to understand and relate to the brand/contributors. It’s a powerful business tool.

Production Budget

Budget is an interesting one. I would prefer to know the budget from the start so we can push the production values as far as possible. That way I know exactly what is or isn’t realistically achievable and maybe a nudge towards the type of production- whether that be live action or animation. An engaging video can be created whatever the budget, but maybe the route would need to be adjusted. Our job as one of the best corporate video production companies in Manchester means we have to figure out the best way to execute the brief with the available resources.

Corporate Video Production for Online, Social Media, or TV?

As a corporate video production company that also operates as an animation studio, I’m often asked by clients ‘which type of video do we need?’ Will a live action, VFX, animation or maybe a hybrid get the most traction and best results? This is the million-dollar question and there is no definitive answer. First of all, we need to analyse our clients target audience. This is how we understand what makes them tick and how best to engage with them. Once we have an understanding of this, we can consider the best output platforms. Will it be online, social media, or TV? Maybe all three at different times to have the most impact with altered versions and assets.

It’s fundamentally important to not only understand your client but also their customers because that is who you have to build a subliminal rapport with. When creating a corporate video production, you are always aiming to affect a specific audience to inspire them and hope they take a particular positive action. It could be to purchase a product with a product demo video. Maybe it is to help them understand a process with an animated explainer video. It could even be to highlight a working culture in a  recruitment video. There are endless types of corporate videos and they are used in an ever-evolving way.

Video Production Style

Once we’ve figured out what platform the corporate video is going to be aired on, the next task of the production is to determine the most suitable style of video. If the corporate video is an emotive piece about a business’s culture and ethos, then maybe live action is the preferred route. This is because live action more often than not appears to be more genuine and sincere. It’s that human connection and emotion. No fancy visual effects or animation characters to hide behind. A message delivered by people to people. I’m not suggesting it is impossible to create an animation with true sincerity, but I do believe it is a much easier sell if there is that human touch that someone can relate to on screen.

Animation or Live Action?

Maybe your client is looking for something incredibly eye catching and informational at the same time. Something truly creative and absorbing that delivers lots of information quickly. In this instance an animation could be perfect. Or potentially live action laced with motion graphics to get extra messaging across quickly or to hammer home specific information. It’s not unusual to go down the hybrid route. It’s really all about creating the most effective video for the end user irrespective of style.


The most important part of the process of a corporate video production company is collaboration. To ensure everyone is on the same page at all times is critical. This means that your client understands why you are suggesting certain things. And the reason they would work as opposed to others. Moreover, the collaboration is crucial because your client will know their customers better than you will. They will undoubtably have statistics and ideas of their own. So implementing them into your overall video production strategy will ensure the best outcome.

Enjoy What You Do

Finally, it’s got to be enjoyable. Working in one of the best corporate video production companies in Manchester has taught me how important it is to enjoy what you’re doing. A fun working environment is a must. Yes, this is important for your clients so that they get a positive vibe. More importantly though your team of creatives who produce the corporate videos will undoubtably create better videos if they are enjoying what they do. And enjoying life often goes hand in hand with a happy work environment.

If you’re looking for a corporate video production company to collaborate with on your next live action, animation or VFX gig then please do get in touch.