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Studio People

Matthew Hunt

Geoff Brooks

Corporate Video Brief

We produced this corporate video for the highly creative folk at Studio People. This is their first corporate video production so they were putting a lot of faith into the team at Groundbreak to do them proud. First and foremost, they asked for a corporate video that’s not very corporate. They wanted their potential clients to understand who the people are behind the business. The culture of their company is a fundamental part of their business. Their people are their business and they wanted to showcase that in this culture video. They weren’t interested in showing people the process of how they create their bespoke studios. It is all about the everyday people behind the studios that bring these stunning environments to life.


To ensure all of the contributors felt comfortable because they weren’t used to being on camera we decided to interview them separately with just the director and sound recordist to make it as relaxing an environment as possible. Without a big camera and lighting in their faces so that they could relax and speak from the heart. On a separate day after the interview and we had an understanding of the team we introduced props, scenes or attire that was relevant to the individuals personality to increase production values and link directly to the character of the contributor. A combination of this along with 8k filming and plenty of creativity we created this stunning corporate video that’s most certainly not very corporate at all. Highlighting that corporate video production doesn’t need to be boring. Add a touch of creative freedom, expression, passion and anything is possible.


What happens when an aeroplane pilot, a Taekwondo champion and a group of passionate musicians join forces?

The perfect platform for freedom of speech and expression is born!

“We need people to walk into the space and come alive and set themselves on fire” Jamie Keeling (Studio People) – on how he wants performers to feel when they enter one of his studios.

Studio People were blown away by their video as it exceeded their lofty expectations. Would your business benefit from video?  Of course it would! Contact us to see how we can help!