Our Video Production Showreel

This is our video showreel. It’s a collection of live action shots, visual effects and animations from a number of different video productions. The clips shown are taken from films in a range of different styles. Produced on a range of different budgets, representing clients in many different industries – both the public and private sectors.

A showreel is incredibly important content for a video production agency like ourselves to highlight in a short space of time our capabilities. This is only a very short showpiece of our work of course. We have far too much content to cram into one video. The hardest part was choosing which shots to use. Hopefully though it gives an idea of the diversity of our portfolio and the amount of love and passion we put into our corporate videos and TV commercials.

We really do love what we do and hope this shows in our work. The video production industry is booming at the moment and this is our way of trying to get noticed amongst the crowd. We hope you enjoy our work and look forward to creating groundbreaking video content for you in the future!

If you’d like to see more specific examples of what we can do at Groundbreak Productions, take a look at the following sections: Corporate videoCommercialAnimationVisual Effects 

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Maybe you would like to learn more about video production? If so, please give our producers guide a read here.