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Water Babies
Matthew Hunt
Geoffrey Brooks

Water Babies

Our vision is a world where the physical and emotional development of every child is fully supported and nurtured from birth. Our values are an expression of us. They shape our decisions and behaviours. And they’re our road map to making sure we give you the best experience imaginable. What make us truly Water Babies are the people that work here. Whether it’s the teachers in the pool, the administrators in the local offices, the franchisees who live and breathe the business or all the varied departments, each one of them has a part to play fulfilling our vision.

The Brief

Create a commercial that we can all be proud of. It must be captivating and cute in equal measure. It must be immersive and show the journey the baby has in the water. Showcasing the enjoyment all the babies and families share during a day with us.  We want the end user to watch this video production with a big smile on their face from start to finish.


Our task was simple: produce a beautiful commercial showing the ‘Water Babies’ enjoying themselves in and under the water. Shooting underwater is always challenging, but when babies are involved it takes it up a notch. It was certainly worth it though with this stunning TV commercial. We needed an almost endless health and safety report along with an incredibly detailed risk assessment to ensure not only did we capture everything we needed, but it was a safe environment for the babies.

A top notch commercial production crew along with a handful of divers and the world renowned ARRI ALEXA camera system in waterproof housing were essential to capture beautiful composition in our under water shots.

We create films in a number of different styles. Have a look at our video showreel for a taste of what we do!

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