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Jaguar Landrover
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Jaguar Landrover | Creed Comms | Graduate Recruitment

Jaguar Landrover is a brand that oozes quality and is known for it’s cutting edge technology. Their reputation speaks for itself. This was an exciting video production that we couldn’t wait to get stuck into as soon as we received the brief off our agency partner, Creed Comms. We were tasked with creating an eye catching video that would appeal to the younger generation and keep their attention. The overall theme and tagline of the campaign for the video was, Changing the Way the World Moves. We decided fast cut’s combined with sound design and transition effects was the best route to take in order to get the right futuristic high energy style and feel for the intended target audience. The intention was to create the sense of a next generation, exciting business.


The purpose of this video is to showcase the incredible detail that goes into making the next-generation of cars and the apprentices, undergrads and graduates that play their part in this. To appeal to people entering the world of work for the first time, so the video needs to open potential recruits eyes to every aspect of what it’s like to work at Jaguar Land Rover. Showcasing that there are many departments that collaborate to create these outstanding vehicles. In addition, to highlight that you don’t have to be a car enthusiast to work there. You simply need to be talented and enthusiastic in equal measure.

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