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Matthew Hunt
Geoff Brooks

COLAB Dry Shampoo – More Than Just Pretty

As a fun loving video production company we were delighted to get the opportunity to create this advert for the awesome dry shampoo brand Colab to promote their flagship range and promote their latest campaign, More Than Just Pretty. The campaign focuses on empowerment and the fact that their consumers, as well as the products themselves, are #MoreThanJustPretty. It was created in multiple formats, multiple durations and multiple languages. This is the Directors Cut.

The Brief

We’re hyper aware of the importance of self-empowerment, embracing body positivity and emotional engagement in marketing to Gen Z. We feel there’s an opportunity for COLAB to super-charge its marketing comms with attention grabbing, feel good messages (fuelled by our USP) to build deeper resonance, engagement, conversion and loyalty amongst our target demographic.

Development of emotive, category disruptive video campaign – More Than Just Pretty. Focused on diversity and empowering young women. Needs to be aspirational, whilst feeling attainable at the same time – anyone can achieve. Focus on double meaning of more than just pretty. The can is beautifully designed but the formula is powerful. The users are more than just pretty – strong, unique, free, bold, true, composed, invincible. Shown through contemporary motion graphics. Moreover, imagery of minimal faces being seen – all about the hair and not traditional ‘prettiness’.

Needs to feel uplifting, empowering and showcase COLAB’s key USPs: No white residue. Powerful oil absorption. Vegan friendly. Suitable on all hair types.

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