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Brother International Europe
Matthew Hunt
Geoff Brooks

Award Winning Commercial video Production

We created this award winning commercial video production for our client Brother International Europe to showcase their flag ship full colour portable printer. Highlighting we are amongst the best video production agency’s in Manchester. The commercial has been broadcast all of the world to great acclaim. We created this advert from original concept right the way through to final delivery in multiple languages. Above all, it was an enjoyable and challenging process because of the many elements in the product video.

WINNER: Video of The Year – European Office Product Advertising Awards 2019

NOMINATED: Best Content Creation – MPA Inspiration Awards 2018

The USP of the product is its ability to print without the need to use ink or toner consumables, relying on crystal based technology within the label paper itself, that changes colour when heated to certain temperatures. It was important for our client that the commercial wasn’t solely VFX as their audience need to be able to relate the product applications to real life scenarios. The advert had to be free of text and VO as its audience spanned different European countries and 19 languages spoken. In cases where words had to be used, suitable “European words” that were either universal or easily identifiable, such as the word “Wi-fi” were to be used.

The campaign tag line was ‘bring labels to life’.

The key objectives in this award winning commercial video production were to create a piece of video content that is eye-catching and original, and showcasing to a European audience the different product applications possible with the label printer. The commercial had to have a strong and impressive visual identity to ensure the audience was instantly enthralled because as our client pointed out, printers aren’t the most glamorous product in the world. Bringing the wow factor into play was essential.

After honing into the product, its features, benefits, and uses in search of inspiration that could form the foundation of the campaign, we eventually drilled down into the technology employed that allows it to be a truly inkless machine. It turned out that the paper itself was actually embedded with millions of microscopic crystals that react to temperature. We then came up with the concept of actually creating beautiful, colourful VFX crystals and immersing the viewer in these microscopic “crystal kingdoms” to creatively showcase the technology within the printer and the applications it can be used in within an office environment. All without the need to utter a single word.

To add a further level of prestige and to raise production values, we set out with the objective of the camera following a path through the applications and different crystal kingdoms in one single, swooping shot. The key challenge was to achieve all of the above, without using any form of spoken or text based narrative. This meant the flow of the story had to visually guide the viewer through different product applications without relying on or being assisted by language to express any campaign messaging at all.

State of the art equipment

Another challenge was how we would be able to shoot perfect camera moves for the VFX to be composited onto as the commercial had to flow perfectly between the crystal worlds. within the printer and label surfaces and the real life office environment. This is why we opted for the Talos Motion control rig to ensure accuracy and consistency in movement. Due to the significant amount of VFX needed for the concept to work we also needed to ensure we were working with extremely high resolution so that post production would go smoothly. We overcame this by opting for the RED Helium 8K camera to ensure maximum scope in post, which was vital. The head of UK marketing for Brother stated that it is the best commercial that Brother has ever had as an organisation. This is an especially significant comment since the first commercial we created for Brother some years ago, was also given this same accolade at the time from their group CEO in Japan.

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