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Our People
Matt Hunt
Matt Hunt

Animated Video Productions agency

We’re an animated video production agency that takes animation seriously, it’s a true passion of ours as you’ll see from our animation blog. We always aim to immerse the viewer in our stunning animation explainer videos, whether it’s 2D or 3D. And according to our client OurPeople we have succeeded in this absorbing 3D animation explainer video.


OurPeople is a life enhancing workforce communication platform. It’s so much more than messaging. It’s a simple, powerful workforce communication. Built for frontline teams. The platform that connects everyone in your business.

OurPeople is a software platform aimed at deskless workforces – the people who have most interaction with customers. Generally our customers are using a mixture of consumer messaging tools (WhatsApp / Facebook groups) to communicate with these teams. We provide our customers with the ability to deliver engaging content to the right groups of team members via “Cards”. Cards come in lots of different forms and team members swipe through them / interact with them – managers can then report on this.

OurPeople offers the ability to target select groups of people with just a few clicks or taps. Managers then send the information to their teams and can see in real time who has seen and responded to the content. Employees feel more engaged, valued and connected. Employees that feel empowered are proven to be happier, stay longer, and perform better. OurPeople works for any industry and information is secure and all under company control.

The brief

Create a single 60/90 second explainer video. It must be engaging, informative and captivating. We will require shorter versions of the explainer video that can be shared via social media. We would like footage that we can reuse for training videos.

The animation explainer video will Target sales prospects who have reached our website and end users who are just starting out using our product.

We want the finished animation to say; OurPeople is an intuitive, easy to use and complete solution for employee communication, subbing, training and engagement – designed for a modern workforce.

Video advertising is our vocation. We create groundbreaking content.

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