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Are you looking for a video production agency? Let us tell your stories and shake up the world in the process. Through a powerhouse combination of our award-winning in-house team, specialist directors, crew and visual artists… we create powerful films, having a whole lot of fun along the way!

Video Production Agency

We’ve produced countless commercials, animations, corporate and social videos over the years, so here is a selection for you to enjoy in our portfolio. Scroll down to see even more – Enjoy!


We work with global brands and SME’s.

No matter the client or budget we absolutely always put our heart and soul into everything we create. We care about what we do and we strive to make the process an enjoyable one for everyone involved. Part of our success is down to the diversity of our portfolio. We’ve created pretty much every style and genre of video out there. We’re comfortable producing groundbreaking content for any sector no matter the challenge or timescale.

Decisions, decisions.

Browsing our portfolio for a few minutes is the quickest way to start getting to know us and what we’re capable of. You’ll see quickly that we’re not a one trick pony. We know that choosing a video production agency to work with is a big decision. You are entrusting your brand in the hands of a new team. Whether you have already developed a world-beating concept for your video or you are starting from scratch, you need to know that the agency you collaborate with is the right fit.

Your brand is arguably your greatest asset and a video is an important investment to develop that asset. If you look at our portfolio you’ll see that we are repeatedly trusted with the brands of huge corporations as well as small start ups. Businesses at both ends of this scale have great responsibility to protect and expand their brand and we are proud to be chosen time after time to share that responsibility. And we delight in every opportunity to show just why it is that we are chosen.

Your brand, our passion

We see our diverse portfolio as a testament to the fact that we are an agency who make it a mission of ours to know our client and their brand before we get any production under way. With a team of producers and creatives that have a wealth of experience in video production as well as marketing and advertising, we are a team of creatives that consider ourselves an extension of our clients’ marketing teams rather than simply a service provider. This is why we are chosen time and again to not only showcase our clients brands but to collaborate with them to develop and propel their brands.

From little acorns

As a full scale video production agency our portfolio is packed full of films that we have developed creative for as well as produced. We are a creative agency as well as a production company. This means that you can come to us with no idea of what you want for your film whatsoever and we can develop concepts that slide into, exemplify and embed your wider marketing campaign, or even shape it. Some of the most impressive commercials in our portfolio are films that started with our client asking us to develop a script based on nothing but a product or a service.

As a team bursting at the seams with creativity we are more than equipped to develop every step of creative for your production from an initial concept all the way to sign off and delivery via scripting, storyboarding, casting and every step of the production in between. So even if you only know that you’d like a video and don’t know anything about what it should be, what it should say or how it should look and feel, we are agency to talk too.

You dream it, we’ll make it

Equally, our portfolio is bursting with commercials that we’ve produced for clients who need a video production agency that can slot right into their marketing campaign, take their brief and bring it to reality. As well as developing concepts and creative we also work very regularly with creative agencies or clients who’s marketing teams have an incredibly detailed vision for their production. They love to collaborate with us to produce their films because we have the production capabilities that are second to none in Manchester or beyond.

Our clients know their creative teams can dream up any idea they like and we can produce it. They also know that even when they have developed their own creative there are still huge benefits to working with us due to our deep understanding of the role of commercial video production within a wider brand strategy.


You’ll see that our portfolio has many examples from TV commercials, corporate video, VFX and many styles of animation. We are lucky to have a team with such a wide variety of specialties that, as an agency, all forms of video are ours. If you need a 3D animation explainer, a feature length documentary, an award-winning TV commercial, a mind-warping VFX promo, a 10 second social media stormer or ANY form of film, not only can we devise it and produce it for you, the chances are we’ve already done something similar that you can see above. And we only get better with each production.

Like what you see

Our portfolio is our shop window. This is where you can browse our work and see what we have to offer. But it’s not just a shop window. It’s more than a menu, it’s a proud display that we cherish. Our portfolio is a documentary journey of our personal progress as a team and our development as an agency. We are filmmakers. Every individual in our team aspired to do what we do today. That is a powerful passion. That’s the zeal and joy that goes into every video that we produce from smallest to biggest.

Whether we’re working on a tiny project or a vast project, we are filmmakers making film and we adore it. That’s why we are proud of our portfolio and why we are a team that you can be certain will pour every penny of your budget and every waking minute of our days into making the greatest film possible on your production. Because without passion, what’s the point?

No passion, no point

Above all, passion undoubtedly is the underlying theme in all of our video productions. We’re excited about each and every creative opportunity that comes our way. Some of the videos we produce have formed and evolved from a brief in an idea shaping session at Groundbreak HQ. Which we’ve had the pleasure to nurture all the way through production until final delivery. Other videos we’ve created have developed from a kick-ass storyboard that we’ve brought to life on set with groundbreaking production values or in our state-of-the-art post production suite.

In the window

As you’ve browsed our portfolio you may have seen something exactly like what you want. Or you may not. Either way we want to talk to you. If you’ve seen something that you like then you know we can create exactly what you need, but having read this far, you will also know that we will exceed the production that you have seen. We will get to know you, make your goals our goals and we will create your production as uniquely for you as we did for the client who’s video you’ve seen and loved.

Our Promise

If you’ve not seen the type of video that you have in mind then great. That means that you can bet your bottom dollar that we want your video in our window. And we promise that there is not a video brief that you can bring to us that we can’t make. This is doubly true if you have a style or concept that is entirely new to us. Just as every video that you are impressed by in our portfolio was one day a new style, a new form or a new industry for us at one point. The reasons we are the creatives for you are the same reasons that our incredible clients work with us again and again. Because we are creatives, producers, and across the board, filmmakers.

We arrive at Groundbreak every day excited to immerse ourselves in a brand, develop award-winning concepts to exemplify that brand and dive headfirst into producing incredible films that will take new pride of place here in our shop window.

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