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How a Professional Animation Studio Can Help Your Organisation

Good animated materials can help any organisation connect to their target audience. However, many companies have trouble figuring out how to effectively incorporate animation into their branding and marketing. 

Executives are often torn between using freelancers, building an in-house animation department, or working with an animation studio. While each way has its merits in certain circumstances, coordinating with an established animation studio tends to be the best option. 

You want your organisation to get the most out of its animation budget, so consider the following nine reasons to hire an animation studio.


Your organisation’s demand for services will change over time. Right now, your company may only need a few short videos per month. However, a year from now, you may suddenly require more animated materials to swiftly react to an unexpected challenge or new opportunity.

Hiring capable animators isn’t a quick or easy process. With an in-house animation department, it can be difficult to keep the perfect number of staff around to suit your ever-changing needs. In contrast, an animation studio can take a lot of work with very little notice, and you won’t have to pay for redundant staff when you don’t need professional animation services.


Sometimes, employees call out or have emergencies at the worst moments. On top of that, if an employee quits, then your organisation will have to spend several months trying to replace them. 

A good animation studio will always have enough professionals on hand to handle any workload, so your organisation won’t have to deal with the uncertainty that comes with managing in-house staff or freelancers.

Lower Startup Costs

The hiring process isn’t only time-consuming, but it also typically costs thousands of dollars per employee. To make matters worse, professional animation tools cost a ton of money. Between good computers, tablets, proper furniture, and licences for various animation and effects software products, your organisation can easily spend tens of thousands of dollars setting up an in-house animation department. 

Animation studios already have the personnel and equipment to handle your project, so your finance department won’t have to worry about hefty upfront costs.

 High Production Quality

The public won’t engage with videos that seem cheap or generic, so you don’t want your videos to look like something that some freelancer made in their bedroom. A professional animation service can give your organisation’s videos the extra bit of polish that they need to stand out. 

They already have the necessary equipment to make all kinds of beautiful animations. Moreover, they have high standards for their staff and only hire the best artists. This will greatly enhance the quality of your videos and make people take your organisation seriously.

Helpful Ideation

Unless you’ve spent years studying art and producing animated videos, it can be hard to figure out what you precisely want out of your animated materials. Even if you know what you want, it may not be easy to put it into words. 

The professionals at an animation studio will work you through your ideas. Once you’ve shared your expectations, animators will be able to provide plenty of high-quality samples to stoke the fires of your imagination. In turn, you’ll more easily come up with more ideas and see your vision become a reality.


You need your organisation’s videos to be memorable. However, people won’t remember your content if it looks too much like another company’s. For someone who doesn’t spend several hours per week creating high-quality animations for various clients, it can be easy to accidentally copy someone else’s art style or make your designs look too generic. 

By working with a professional animation studio, you can be sure that your art style will be unique enough for anyone to recognize. 


For your company’s brand to be recognizable, it needs a consistent art style. While you may present an in-house style guide to freelance animators or your own department, the end results may change significantly depending on which individual works on a project. The professionals at an animation company will always follow your brand’s style guide accurately and can easily adjust to any sudden changes. 

Streamlined Project Management

When you try to complete an animated project with freelancers, you will likely have to coordinate with a bunch of professionals who have no affiliation with each other. This can make project management a nightmare. The project manager will have to deal with a lot of bad work, revisions, communication problems, and delays. 

When your organisation works with an animation company, your project managers will only have to directly deal with one person, so they won’t need to focus on time-consuming minutiae. 

Access to Professional Knowledge and Other Services

Professional animators understand the industry better than anyone else. They have crucial data and services that you cannot get from freelancers or an in-house department. For example, an animation studio would know how well certain kinds of videos do on different social media platforms, and they would have detailed analytics to help you make more informed decisions. 

Get the Best Results From an Established Animation Studio

Your company can’t afford to rely on an uncertain animation process. There is too much on the line not to get it right the first time. 

An animation studio has the staff and resources to provide you with high-quality animations in a timely manner and at a reasonable price.

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Before forming Groundbreak in 2012, Geoff spawned from a background in multinational prime time broadcast television. Over the years he has produced, directed and

written for various TV formats including current affairs, light entertainment and sport (including programming for the FIFA World Cup and Olympic Games). In addition to this, in between directing commercials, Geoff’s other passion lies in documentary making, from which he is a multi award-winning writer and director. Whether it’s a short form TVC or long form documentary, Geoff’s a true creative who loves nothing more than making powerful content and utilising his expertise in the art of storytelling. Geoff eats semi-volcanic chilli-riddled dishes for breakfast almost every morning, believing that it’s the best way to kick start the day. Mental.