winter sun

Here Comes The Sun

I much prefer video production during the sunny months. In fact, it’s not just video production. I just prefer the warmer months. Luckily, it’s that time of year when the cold weather should be blustering away and heading back to the arctic or wherever it came from. It won’t be missed. I probably shouldn’t jinx it though because I’m pretty sure it snowed last March in Manchester and we had to reschedule one of our shoots. At least Spring brings hope of Summer and warmth. Even the thought of a little heat brightens the mood. That glorious feeling on a commercial production set on a sunny summer’s day (Yes, we sometimes get these in Manchester) when the sun is beating down on your face and warming your soul. That joyous, rarely experienced occasion for us nesh folk, when you actually get to wear shorts. Luckily for the Groundbreak team we managed to briefly escape the Manchester chill this winter and catch some winter sun on one of our latest commercial video productions.

Winter 2019

We had a busy end to last year. The build-up to Christmas was a maelstrom of shoots, big pitches and idea development sessions for the Groundbreak team. With the odd night out at award ceremonies up against the best video production companies in Manchester thrown in for good measure. There’s nothing quite like a hangover to put you in a good mood and get the creative juices flowing on a stormy winter’s morning as the weather beats down on you like an avalanche as you arrive at the office with wet socks and hair stuck to your face. A good night out with the Groundbreak team is always welcome, but again, I’d prefer it in the warmer months.

Passion, Creativity & Detail

We were up all hours of the night perfecting our skeleton scripts and treatments in Winter 2019, ready for the New Year. This is crucial to ensure our concepts are clear for our potential clients. There’s nothing worse than having a great idea and not properly conveying it. This might have been an emotive director’s treatment for a commercial video production, an inspiring script for a corporate video or a storyboard for an absorbing 3D animation or VFX gig that truly pushes the boundaries with originality. Whatever the video production, the process remains the same. Passion, creativity and detail, just like the rest of the production process.  We all love writing the scripts and treatments because we truly believe in what we do. We collectively love bringing stories to life.

Our Ethos

“We believe in pushing boundaries, stirring emotions and inspiring audiences to take positive action by bringing stories to life through video.”

We are genuinely passionate about our ideas and the impact they can have. Telling stories and leaving a positive emotional impact is what Groundbreak is all about. To create powerful corporate video content the original concepts and ideas must be well rounded in order to give the rest of the production process a great start.

The Green Light

Fortunately, many of the corporate and commercial videos we pitched for late last year, be it live action or animation, got the green light. This has kept us going at breakneck speed ever since the new year’s resolutions began and helped us forget about the aforementioned Manchester weather (It is famous for it after all). Creating corporate video is a great distraction. It’s an absorbing process. Hours, days and weeks simply fly by. Especially when a handful of demanding productions are in full flow at the same time. The hours in days seemingly speed up when your attention is all consumed with creative processes.

VFX & Animation

We’ve been creating a large VFX project this winter full of liquid simulations and mind-bending ideas which will be going live in the summer. The great thing about VFX and animation video productions during the winter months is that you get to work indoors away from the elements and most importantly next to a radiator (whoever it was that created central heating is a marvellous person in my eyes).

Idea Shaping

After an exhilarating idea-shaping session with the team a significant amount of time is then spent in a darkened edit suite watching stunning particles collide and animals morph into racing cars. You can’t beat that harmonious marriage of stunning VFX, animation visuals and radiator warmth when it’s blowing a gale outside and the wind chill factor is minus 10. Creativity and heat combined. A delightful winter combination.

Capturing Stunning Natural Events

It may well sound like I don’t like shooting commercial video productions outside during the winter in Manchester. That’s just not true. Yes, I’m a fan of the warmth. However, there are stunning natural events that occur with the light in the winter that make standing in a snowy forest in January worthwhile. I’m all about capturing the perfect shot. It means the world to me. I take it very seriously. The buzz of knowing you’ve just captured something breath-taking is a natural high for me. That feeling when you’re driving home after a long but productive commercial shoot in the cold when you know you’ve captured that dream shot. It is indescribable really. Other directors, DP’s, producers and film crew generally will know exactly what I mean.

The Perfect Shot

Picture this. The sun is setting. You’re cloaked in a frozen tranquillity. Shimmering dusk rays of magical golden hues are cascading through the frozen leaves in the trees. The tree trunks are seemingly exhaling as steam drifts from the bark heavenward. Nature is relaxed but there’s an intense energy that’s felt but not seen. Your talent has delivered an overwhelmingly stunning performance in one take. This is essential as the light and the natural colours are a one-off and perfect in this moment. A few seconds later the light will change and this incredible scene awash with awe inspiring colours and serenity will be no more. You captured the shot and you can’t hide your smile. Everyone knows it. The crew know it. The client knows it. The talent can see from your face that it’s a wrap without you uttering a word. It’s a magical thing in the world of commercial video production.

I’m not a fan of the colder months in the year. That is certain. However, one thing is for sure: When a great brief for our next video production lands on my desk I instantly couldn’t care less if it’s minus 20 and I have to walk to work in an arctic blizzard. Nothing gets me more excited.

If you’d like to chat about your next video production, please get in touch.

Author: Geoff
Founder | Director
Before forming Groundbreak in 2012, Geoff spawned from a background in multinational prime time broadcast television. Over the years he has produced, directed and written for various TV formats including current affairs, light entertainment and sport (including programming for the FIFA World Cup and Olympic Games). In addition to this, in between directing commercials, Geoff’s other passion lies in documentary making, from which he is a multi award-winning writer and director. Whether it’s a short form TVC or long form documentary, Geoff’s a true creative who loves nothing more than making powerful content and utilising his expertise in the art of storytelling. Geoff eats semi-volcanic chilli-riddled dishes for breakfast almost every morning, believing that it’s the best way to kick start the day. Mental.
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