Good, Fast & Cheap Video Production?

Cheap, affordable low-cost video production. What does that actually mean? What is an affordable video? Affordable to one business may not be affordable to another business. Cheap? We all like a deal and to get our money’s worth. Do we actually want a cheap video though? Is cheap what we’re really looking for or is it just a marketing term to entice a potential customer? Is a cheap video going to do justice to the business, product, or service? Will it sell the culture or offerings in the best possible light? Will a cheap video production give a return on investment or will it look cheap and in turn tarnish the brand it is representing? What about how it makes you feel. Will it feel cheap? Will it cut the mustard in the highly competitive world of business? Maybe in some cases it will, but I highly doubt it would last the test of time.

Low Budget Brand Videos

When you consider some of the rare videos created with seemingly very low budgets for major brands – shot on an iPhone for example- these are generally one-off pieces and the actual budget has been spent on the development, idea shaping and recruitment of the right people rather than the actual filming of the video itself. So, it has likely been a long and well thought out process that has been funded properly. Even though the actual filming of the video hasn’t cost much, the overall project has been well looked after in a financial sense. Video production is like anything else creative. You can make the same video for many different price ranges and tell the exact same story. However, often the difference is how it makes you feel when you first view it (do you continue watching?) and how do you feel at the end of the video. More often than not, the more time and resources spent on a production the more it will resonate with the end user. This isn’t always the case of course as you could video a cute cat chasing an even cuter dog and that could get a load of traction, but in the business world of corporate video and TV commercial production, whether it be live action or animation, usually the more you put in the more you get out. In my opinion quality video production always shines through and that’s at the core of our beliefs and values here at our Manchester HQ.

Quality Video Production

I know there’s an argument for not being too flashy. I totally understand that. Sometimes it is unnecessary to over complicate things with world famous talent and super-duper special effects. Maybe you wouldn’t want to look like you have money to burn. However, there must be a balance. Surely quality video production is important? Working with passionate filmmakers who truly care about each production and understand the science behind the process and psychology behind viewer engagement. People who know what makes end-users take action (a purchase, a positive life change or maybe a business enquiry). Our team in Manchester care about each and every video production we have the pleasure of creating. It’s a pride thing. Our reputation depends on it. We want our clients to be wowed when they receive their corporate video or TV commercial, it means something to us. It’s what puts a smile on our faces and the reason we work in the industry. If we aren’t striving to be the best video production company in Manchester and beyond then what is the point? If we aren’t aiming for excellence and originality, then why do we even bother? Anyone can pick up a camera and learn how to shoot but it takes many, many years of dedication and experience to fully understand the craft behind video production. We feel strongly that video creation is an art form and a way to express ourselves and let our creativity run free. Due to this we always strive to push the boundaries in the productions we produce for our clients because the content we create is always a passion project. There’s an indefatigable urge burning deep within all of us at Groundbreak to always create a better video than the last. To hold the viewers’ attention for longer. To resonate in the mind of the end user long after they have watched the video. This isn’t always possible of course due to the subject matter. But there is absolutely no excuse to not always try and make something powerful and add something special to each and every production rather than just churning something out. What’s wrong with wanting to be the best and want the very best for all of your video productions?

There will always be a place for cheap video production or affordable video production. Just the same way as there are cheap versions of everything in life. However, it’s important to remember that some things can’t be done on the cheap and expect to have the same return as something that is strategically planned, resourced and implemented with love and passion.

At Groundbreak we love what we do and we care about how we do it. That’s just the way it is for us and the way it will always be.

If you’d like to discuss your next video production with a team who want to push your video content to the next level, then please do get in touch.

Author: Geoff
Founder | Director
Before forming Groundbreak in 2012, Geoff spawned from a background in multinational prime time broadcast television. Over the years he has produced, directed and written for various TV formats including current affairs, light entertainment and sport (including programming for the FIFA World Cup and Olympic Games). In addition to this, in between directing commercials, Geoff’s other passion lies in documentary making, from which he is a multi award-winning writer and director. Whether it’s a short form TVC or long form documentary, Geoff’s a true creative who loves nothing more than making powerful content and utilising his expertise in the art of storytelling. Geoff eats semi-volcanic chilli-riddled dishes for breakfast almost every morning, believing that it’s the best way to kick start the day. Mental.
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