Can Animated Content Help Your Business Succeed?

Did you know that animation is one of the most overlooked marketing tools? Many companies make the mistake of just sticking to traditional photographs and live-action commercials. However, these classic advertising methods don’t always appeal to the modern consumer.

More and more businesses are realising that animation can be a powerful way of connecting with customers, and as a Manchester animation studio we help businesses use animated videos on your website, social media, and other marketing platforms can provide some impressive results.


Animated Videos Improve Your Conversion Rates 

The most important reason to use animation is simply that it works. Animated videos have become a huge part of the digital landscape. They’re attention-grabbing, engaging, and interesting, so people are more likely to be affected by the content in the video.

Industry research shows that videos are far more effective than other forms of media. 64% of consumers who watch video content complete an action on the company’s webpage. This is a significantly higher conversion rate than other marketing techniques like brochures or call-to-action elements.

You can use video to encourage customers to do a lot of things. Research indicates customers are willing to spend more time on your website, more likely to sign up for email services, and more likely to contact your company for a quote.


Animation Can Be More Cost-Effective to Produce

Don’t make the mistake of assuming that animation is pricier to create. Thanks to modern technology, making quality animated videos can be very affordable. In fact, the average professional-grade animated movie is significantly cheaper to produce than a comparable live-action movie.

Animation is often cheaper because it doesn’t have the hidden costs of live-action. You don’t have to pay for a set, rent a lot of complex equipment, hire multiple crew members, create props, buy costumes, or hire actors. Since you aren’t dealing with multiple people and departments, you don’t have to pay for things like food and transportation either.

Another big perk of animation is that you can adjust it with ease. You aren’t tied to working with a specific actor, and you aren’t locked into a specific setting. Everything’s done in a virtual world, so you can do things like switch out a character’s appearance, change a line, or update a scene without any issues.

This is a major benefit in the modern world where everything is always changing. If a recent news article or event makes your advertising unsavory, you can just slightly adjust things instead of having to pull the whole campaign. And if you update your business and create new products, you can quickly add a message to alert customers to the upgrades.


Animation Conveys Messages Without a Lot of Words 

Animation is an excellent way to reach out to customers who might not be able to process a wordy message. When done correctly, an animated video can easily describe concepts without requiring blocks of text or lengthy monologues.

Why is animation so good at telling stories without words? This medium lets you include all sorts of helpful graphics you wouldn’t get just by walking around with a camera. You can use arrows, charts, and other handy devices to explain concepts.

This is very important because it allows you to broaden your target audience. In addition to appealing to those who are hard of hearing or don’t speak your language well, it also gives you access to customers who don’t have the time to really focus on marketing material.

Animation conveys ideas so clearly that people can just glance at your video to see what your company is about. This helps you draw in customers who might overlook more complex marketing material.


Animated Movies Make Content More Appealing to Audiences

Animation can have some very interesting subconscious effects on your viewers. Since animation is typically used for cartoons, anime, and other “fun” media, people don’t automatically associate it with “boring business ads.”

This is a good thing when you’re trying to convey a concept to an audience. They are more receptive to animated ads and more likely to perceive them as entertaining or engaging. In fact, marketing research has even found that consumers who see animated banners are more likely to remember the content of the ad. This study also discovered that animated banners improved brand recognition by 66%.

The exciting and interesting reputation of animation helps it capture viewers’ attention in a way that still photos or traditional film cannot. To make your animation even more effective, you might want to lean into an animation style with positive associations. Picking videos with fun, cartoony styles is often a great way to reach certain demographics.


Animation Allows Your Creativity to Flourish 

When it comes to animation, the sky’s the limit. You don’t have to focus on practicalities like, “Where would we find a 10-foot tall lizard?” or, “How do we make the protagonist hover in mid-air?”

Since animation is such a creative form of media, you can make a visual based on just about anything you picture. This is a huge benefit for companies who want to think outside the box. You can create media that matches your brand reputation and leaves a lasting impression on visitors.


Final Thoughts

As you can see, animation comes with a lot of benefits for your business. To get the best results, you need to make sure your animation is done right. The most effective videos are easy-to-understand, aesthetically pleasing, and filled with useful information.

That’s where our team can help you. We’re happy to discuss your business and assist you with turning your ideas into a beautifully-produced video. Contact us now to learn more about our animation services.