We are an award winning video production company based in Manchester.

Groundbreak is a film-loving team of original thinkers. Our mission is to produce eye-catching videos that inform, provoke and inspire. We strive to bring your brand to life using the power of video. We’ll discover what makes you and your target audience tick with our tried and tested groundbreaking processes. Not only will we tell your story with passion, we’ll help you utilise the potential of your video to gain the most traction.

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Based in Manchester, our core focus is to work with our clients to create videos that have impact and videos that help achieve your goals; whether it’s a video to help promote your company, product, or service.

With Manchester being  a powerhouse of a creative city, that has a long standing culture around creativity from music to arts, it’s no surprise that some of the most talented film-makers are located here. Our team puts a focus on quality above all else, ensuring that client expectations and communication are second-to-none, and that your project and your vision is something that we can bring to life.

Combining our drive to produce work that is word-class, in addition to ensuring we use the latest technologies to cater to your video production needs, our video production services are the perfect fit to help make you stand out in you industry.

With both pre-production and post-production covered inhouse, you can be sure your project will be taken care of from start to finish. And we’ll make sure it’s a fun journey along the way.

Working with a video production company that understands your goals and can help create a video that truly captures eyeballs is not always an easy feat, but at Groundbreak Productions we ensure that this is something we deliver to everyone we work with.

Video is simply a way to help communicate a powerful message, and the message you choose to communicate depends on what you’re hoping to achieve from your video.

Other considerations to bear in mind is who your target audience is, and whether the video is for internal use for staff, training, or stakeholders, or whether it is for external use with the purpose of attracting new customers. However, a high quality video production should be able to serve both.

Ask yourself, why are you looking for video production? And how can video production help me achieve my goal?

Below we’ll highlight some popular video styles we’re often asked for from our clients.

A commercial video is a perfect example of a highly effective external video that can have a significant impact on the target audience when crafted with skill and expertise. Whether it’s a television commercial, or a high-end advert created for a social media campaign. This kind of short form video is designed to get one key message across in a memorable way and leave a positive feeling of the brand or product. When executed well the results can be transformative.

This style of video production also helps instil a sense of quality in the brand which in turn helps to promote trust in the customer. This should create a subliminal positive impact on the customer, which is a powerful mechanism in brand engagement. 

Opting for a product or service demo video is another common request that has a significant impact. Visually explaining your product or service helps to quickly resolve unanswered questions and allows you to demonstrate all of the best features for people to be aware of so you can control the narrative and have an emotional impact on the viewer.

And whilst excellent photography can go a long way to help demonstrate your product, this can only help so much and oftentimes will never stand up against having excellent videography to properly communicate your message.

Brand videos are a powerful form of video that not only are great for potential customers to understand your culture and ethics. But, more importantly your team and future recruits can get an understanding of what makes your business a special place to spend their working lives and a video is a great way to tell this story.

Customer testimonial videos are another option that has a direct impact with the businesses we work with. By showcasing your happy customers, and allowing them to speak about their experience with you, this social proof has a massive impact on new customers that then see these videos, and this is typically the most rewarding type of video production we do.

An explainer video – this is when you may have a complicated process or a structure of events that happen in your business. You need to take a complicated process and translate it into something simple and digestible. An explainer video is great for education and helping your customers understand exactly what you do.

If you’re interested in finding out more, and understanding more about how video production can help you, contact us today and we’ll be in touch within 24 hours.

A common question we often receive from clients revolves around how corporate video production differs from a standard promotional video.

Corporate videos are more of an umbrella term that is used to describe any one of a number of videos that your company can use.

A very simple yet extremely effective example of this is an ‘about us’ style video. With video being such a powerful way to convey your message, a well-crafted about us video can go a long way to persuade your audience, wither its B2B or B2C to work with you, and help them understand who you are and what purpose you serve.

As mentioned above, the term ‘corporate video’ is used loosely so the better thing to think of is, exactly what kind of video do you want? We’ll explore some additional video types in the section below.