TVC Production Company

As an award-winning Television Commercial (TVC) production company we often get asked, “what kind of TVC would work for our brand? Should we go down the animation/VFX route or live action?” A TVC production company like ours isn’t just about executing an already decided storyboard or script (even though we’re more than happy to do so). We often are involved at the very early development stages of your TVC production. All you need is a brief to get the ball rolling and we do the rest.

TVC Production Company Video Brief

First of all, you might not know if you want your corporate video to be a TVC production. Maybe you just know that you need some form of advertisement for your brand or product. After all there are numerous platforms to showcase your video content. Television is just one of them but a very powerful tool indeed. When you send your initial first draft of your brief to a TVC production company you should expect a myriad of questions in return. This isn’t because your brief isn’t detailed enough. This is because the best TVC production companies want to understand you and your brand in order to think like you and create the most suitable proposal regarding your potential TVC.

TVC or not TVC?

Once you have decided that television is the correct route for you the next thing to consider is the type of production. Is animation suitable for your brand? Maybe live action is preferable due to the tone you are going for. Do you want to relay a simple message, or do you simply want to grab attention and spike curiosity in the end user? These are all the kind of thought processes and decisions that a good TVC production company will discuss with you during the early stages of development.

TVC Pre-Production

Now that you have decided (with expert guidance) which form of TVC is best for you in order to get the right tone and traction, pre-production will commence. This is the initial planning of workflows, logistics, ad clearance, storyboarding, scripting and all-round creativity and organising. Whether it is an animation, VFX or live action planning is crucial in any video production. Once you are happy that everything is covered from risk assessments, contributors and characters to end user experience, production can begin.

TVC Production

Now the really exciting stage commences. Assuming it is going down the live action route. The shoot, cast crew and location will be meticulously researched, sourced, booked in and filmed. This could be a simple talking head in an office environment or maybe a large crew set up on a tropical beach. There are so many types of TVC productions. If it’s an animation the storyboards will be finalised before characters are built and assets created depending on the style of animation chosen. Essentially, it’s the moment when you start seeing things coming to life. Whatever the route chosen, you will be as involved as you like from start to finish of the production phase to ensure you get the exact TVC commercial you want and need.

TVC Post-Production

If you’re TVC production is a live action commercial it now goes into the edit suite to be creatively cut together with all considerations involved with timings and pace to ensure the perfect balance. Once that is completed and signed off the music, VO or sync will be mixed to create beautiful audio. Then finally the TVC will go into Da Vinci Resolve to be colour corrected (to ensure the colours are broadcast safe), colour graded (to match your brand or messaging to evoke the correct feeling and mood) and mastered for final delivery to the chosen broadcaster or broadcasters. If your TVC is an animation it is already in post-production for the entire process of production so it will need sound design, Foley and music all mixed while the final colours are being rendered. Once it’s been perfected it will then be on its way to the broadcasters too.

Many Forms of TVC Productions

These are a few examples of the journey from contacting a TVC production company through to delivery of your television commercial to the broadcaster. Each project is bespoke and would have its own journey, but this is to give a flavour of what to expect.

If you’d like to chat about whether a TVC production would be suitable for your brand and what form would work best then please get in touch and we’d be happy to help.






visual effects portfolio

Visual Effects Specialists

A visual effects portfolio should showcase different styles of visual effects (VFX). It can never show everything achievable of course as the possibilities are endless. A visual effects portfolio is a bit like a video production or animation showreel, I suppose. It gives glimpses into the different visual effects achievable. A visual effects portfolio is like a window into the world of creativity. Its aim is to attract attention and inspire. Sometimes subtly and other times to stop the viewer in their tracks. There is always a new way of creating visual effects and for a multitude of applications. That is the exciting thing about VFX in the world of video production and animation. You are only limited by your imagination when it comes to visual effects.

Our Visual Effects Portfolio

If you’re new to VFX then have a look at our visual effects portfolio here to give you a sneaky peek at what visual effects are all about and how they can help enhance a video production. This in turn will show your brand in a great light and increase revenue in the big picture. It certainly adds a layer of magic to a video. And it’s not just about increasing production values. It’s more than that. It opens up possibilities and means you can go further with ideas. More creativity is achievable. You aren’t restricted by what you can film on a live action set. It gives you freedom in a similar way to animated videos.

Why Use Visual Effects?

There are many reasons you might feel visual effects are suitable for a particular video production or commercial. There might be an impossible live action shot that isn’t achievable without VFX. Maybe your brand mascot is a flying pig (stay with me please). As part of the commercial script, said pig needs to soar high up in the sky and land on a roof after doing a loop the loop. The same pig then delivers a clever line of dialogue to close the commercial. Now obviously the best video production company in the world wouldn’t be able to shoot that in reality. As far as I’m aware flying pigs are only real in fairy tales and the only pigs I know that can speak live in George Orwell’s Animal Farm. Therefore, in order to achieve the impossible, you would need to use visual effects.

Subtle Visual Effects

The example above using VFX would be a considerable video production gig. With a significant budget and team. However, not all visual effects involve flying pigs. Often visual effects are used in a much more subtle way. Maybe you need to shoot a scene and heavy rain is fundamental to the story arc (like most days here in Manchester). Without a significant downpour the story just wouldn’t make sense. Your video production agency has sourced a rain machine which is doing a great job. However, due to the location the rain machine is not able to cover the entire shot due to health and safety reasons. What do you do because you need the entire shot to be drenched with pouring rain?

The Visual Effects Solution

This is an instance that VFX would be a great solution. The visual effects team would create CGI rain which would match the real rain and blend seamlessly into the shot. So now you have the full shot of rain as desired. This makes the overall commercial work, and nobody would have ever known that some of the rain wasn’t in fact real. So that is an example of how visual effects can be used in a subtle manner to enhance a shot without it being the star of the show. You could of course have a flying pig soaring through the rain too if you think it necessary.

Considering VFX For a Business Video

It’s always worth considering visual effects in your next video production project. You may only need an explainer video or an interview with the boss, but at the same time VFX might greatly increase your projects production values and possibilities. Which in turn could give your video much more traction, reach, and long-term success.

If you’re interested in finding out more about visual effects and the possibility of using them on your next video production, then please get in touch and we’d be happy to help.


Our VFX Portfolio

Our Visual Effects (VFX) portfolio is diverse and ever expanding. At Groundbreak our VFX portfolio is a place where we can create the impossible and have fun along the way. Visual effects and CGI are a powerful tool in the world of video production. We’re especially proud of our VFX portfolio because it’s an aspect of Groundbreak that has evolved significantly over the years. We have gone from only occasionally using VFX to regularly lifting the production values of a video production by adding a touch of VFX magic. Our VFX portfolio showcases some of the many creative directions you can take a production. It’s also a tool that highlights how visual effects can help tell a story in what would be impossible during a live action shoot.

VFX Portfolio Magic

Our team loves nothing more than shooting a high-end commercial and then adding some beautiful, seamless VFX to take it up a notch. This could be to simply wow the viewer or maybe it is actually the best way to guide the story arc. Creating the impossible in order to tell a story or enhance a message. There is something truly stunning about the combination of high-end cinematography and perfectly executed visual effects. Making the unreal appear real, and at the same time appear natural and comfortable within a shot is a true skill. Our VFX portfolio has numerous different examples of how VFX can be used to enhance a video or add a touch of magic.

Delays On Set

All producers, directors and crew will have been on set and been up against it time wise at some point. This could be for a myriad of reasons. Maybe the script changed last minute on set. It could be that one of the talents is running late because their taxi has broken down. Maybe a technical issue regarding the lights, grip or camera. Whatever the reason, it isn’t uncommon. Sometimes when this happens there is a temptation to move on to the next shot and add in the details with VFX later. In fact, many of the commercials in our VFX portfolio will have had delays on the shoot for one reason or another. It’s part of the job. It doesn’t affect the final video if you have skilled VFX operators involved. Delays and things that make you think on your feet on set actually adds a bit of spice to the day, in my opinion.

VFX Fixes

The knock-on effect of relying on VFX to “fix it in post production” however, is that you are adding labour to the post production. Sometimes this doesn’t matter because it is a simple fix and won’t take long. So could well be a shrewd move. However, the old cliché “you can fix it in post’ sometimes causes a nightmare for the post production VFX team. I have been on set when I was a trainee when the term ‘fix it in post’ was thrown about instead of getting additional takes. I’ll never forget the look on the VFX supervisors face. I could see his face drop because he knew he was going to be doing the fixing and in for the long haul. Something I didn’t appreciate at the time.

Different Reasons To Use VFX

There are different reasons to use VFX. Sometimes it is simply a way in which to fix a live action shot in order to make the shot seamless and flow exactly how the director envisaged it. Other times it is used to enhance and lift a video production by creating something impossible to shoot like a tornado in an office or a high-speed train whizzing through somebody’s kitchen, for instance. Visual effects have many uses and numerous video applications. One thing is for sure, I am a big fan. Not only because VFX can make the impossible a reality but because it gives incredible flexibility when creating a video.

If you are looking to use some VFX wizardry in your next video production, then Groundbreak is perfect for you. Whether that might be implementing an idea you already have or if you’d like us to get involved right from the beginning and help conceptualise your video and advise what is achievable then please do get in touch and we’d be happy to help.





animation production manchester

Animation Production Manchester

Our Manchester animation production studio is my favourite place to visit if I’m in need of a ‘shot in the arm’ of all things creative. Our animation production team never ceases to amaze me in their darkened Manchester post-production suite. It’s all well and good having highly talented creatives, producers and directors who can conceptualise incredible animation and visual effects. However, it’s a totally different thing realising these often far-fetched and visually breath-taking animation concepts. I’m rarely surprised when I walk into our animation production studio in Manchester. But I’m always blown away with how they take an idea previously discussed in an idea-shaping session and bring it to life. Not only delivering, creating and setting free the idea, but giving it wings to transcend what was previously envisaged and taking it to the next level.

The Magic of Our Animation Production Team in Manchester

In work, as in life, it’s always a great thing when you can trust someone. Even better when you can trust a group of people. This can be trust in a friend, a partner, or a colleague. It doesn’t matter which, but trust is a magical thing. It brings happiness and peace of mind. Trust removes worry and anxiety. It’s one less thing to stress about. Trustworthy animators take care of themselves. You trust them and their actions. This trust is something I have in all of the team at Groundbreak in our Manchester HQ and London offices. It extends to the many freelancers we collaborate with. Trust is exactly what I have in our animation production team in Manchester. They have all earned my trust over the years by excelling in what they do. I know our animation producers and directors can sit down with the animation production team, give them a storyboard and they will execute it perfectly. It’s a great feeling.

Trustworthy Animation

It is actually a difficult thing to trust people with something you love so much. Either on an animation, visual effects or video production, Groundbreak means the world to me. It has been a hard slog at times but incredibly rewarding most of the time. For myself to let others create our animation productions, in Manchester or further afield, it’s hard for me to let go and to trust others with the reputation of Groundbreak. This is because it takes a long time to build a strong reputation and I care deeply about all of our animations, VFX and video productions. What makes this especially difficult when it comes to animation is that it’s not as simple as a retake in live-action video production. Once you are deep into an animation or VFX gig it’s not as straight forward as stopping and starting again. They’re often very time consuming, so they need to be executed properly the first time. So, to let our animators free on big animation projects takes a lot of trust. Luckily for me my trust in our animation production team has paid off with some outstanding video animations.

Reputable Animation Production

At Groundbreak we have an incredible love for what we do. We care that our clients get exactly what they want each and every time. This is a core part of our thinking. We care as much about the animation or VFX gig as our clients do. Our clients can trust us to execute their briefs and collaborate with us, because time and time again we deliver exactly what they need and are looking for. Trust goes both ways, of course. And it is earned. It is a satisfying and rewarding feeling when you know your clients trust your judgement and expertise. It’s very fulfilling. We’ve worked hard over the years to get to this stage and it’s definitely worth it.

Do You Need An Animation For Your Business?

If you are looking for an animation production team of original thinkers who always aim to push the creative boundaries then please get in touch with us to collaborate on your next animation or VFX project. We love what we do and you can trust us to perfectly execute your video.





video animation

Video Animation Manchester

Our video animation team in Manchester is normally busy creating every type of animation you could imagine. However, with the world currently flipped upside down we thought we’d take the time to discuss the different types of animation and how they could be beneficial for your business once everything goes back to relative normality. After all, video animation be it in Manchester, London, New York or anywhere in the world isn’t affected by the strictest of lockdowns because it can be done remotely. The concept for an animated promo video can be part of a video-conference brainstorm session. A script can be written remotely anywhere in the world. The storyboard and assets can be illustrated and created in the far corners of the globe, and the actual video animation can be created in our Manchester studio or frankly anywhere with a highly powerful computer and a talented animator.

Video Animation in Manchester

We create our video animations in Manchester because that is where our Groundbreak HQ is located. However, we often bring specialists into our Manchester studio for certain aspects of a video animation or visual effects project. An animation or VFX gig can be highly complex and time consuming, so bringing the best people together to collaborate always results in the best possible video animation. Whether this means bringing people together via video conferencing or in person the end result is always one of excellence.

What Video Animation Works For You?

If you can’t shoot a video production at the moment (and might not be able to for a while) maybe video animation is something you should consider. It’s important to continue marketing your business or product and video animations can certainly help with that. In fact, one of the huge advantages with video animations is that literally anything can be created. There are no limits. Well, apart from budget. And this is something our video animation producers in Manchester can help you with. We’re well versed in getting the absolute maximum from any budget. There are always many ways to achieve the same animation. It is all about what is right for you as a business. To ensure you get the most out of the project.

Different Animation Styles

Things to consider: What type of animation is most likely going to engage with your target audience? Maybe the charm of a 2d hand-drawn traditional type of animation will interest your customers? This type of animation is best suited for a gentle flow and story arc with an emotive subliminal message. Maybe an all action 3D CGI animation will do the job. Literally grabbing the viewer and refusing to let them look away. Or maybe a beautifully crafted stop-motion animation will garner the best results with its incredible production values? Even the simplest of motion graphics in an explainer video is sometimes the best way to display your company information.

We’re Here to Help

Whichever route you prefer for your animated corporate video, the options are endless. There’s a myriad of styles and options, all with the potential to powerfully promote your business and put you on the map. Showcasing your product and its many uses and benefits is often easiest and most effective with video advertising. With so many options available in the world of video animations, this can seem daunting. Don’t worry though because the team at Groundbreak will happily advise and help guide you through the process. Our team of producers, animators and directors have been creating absorbing and engaging video animations in Manchester for many years and we absolutely love what we do.

If you’d simply like a bit of advice about your next (or first) video animation then please don’t pop into our Manchester studio because it will unfortunately be empty. Drop us a line instead and we’ll be happy to help.